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Jessica Hischehttp://jessicahische.is/awesome/

I was reading this article earlier on Smashing Magazine earlier today and stumbled upon Jessica Hische’s portfolio. The article lists her site as a good example of segmentation (which “entails sectioning content on the page according to audience or task”).

First off — bam! Nice large photo, bright orange, good typography. Interior pages are nice and clean. I’m also a big fan of vanity urls. Anyway, I noticed pretty quickly that not only did she make the Daily Drop Cap I posted about the other day, but also the “Should I Work For Free?” infographic!

I did some more poking around and discovered that she also designed the super sexy covers on the Barnes & Noble Classics I’ve been ogling for quite some time. Look at them. Really. They are gorgeous. This woman is a veritable design powerhouse. Check her out!

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