Awesome, well-designed local poster for Josh Ritter concert

Josh Ritter poster

(sorry for the quality — cellphone pic!)

I was walking into town from work other day when I noticed this poster tacked up. It immediately caught my attention! Love the typography, first of all (Archer is so sexy), and the overall silhouetted/banner style is great. Definitely a big step up from most other concert posters I see around town. It’s very professional and “designed” looking.

Anyone know who designed this? @mollyampersand thinks it might be Rob & Damia. (Love their work!) Can anyone confirm?

Edit: Designer found! Poster courtesy of Matt Fleming at

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2 thoughts on “Awesome, well-designed local poster for Josh Ritter concert

    1. Hey, thanks a bunch for letting me know! His work looks fantastic. Love this poster every time I see it in town. Not sure where I’ll be for NYE yet, but hope everything rocks!

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