WCNYC: Brief Recap

This past weekend, Kelly and I attended WordCamp NYC at Baruch College. It was my second WCNYC and overall, pretty fantastic. While the building we were in was very confusing, I was eventually able to find all of the rooms I wanted to go to sessions in. All the sessions I attended started and ended pretty much on time, which was a big change from the last WCNYC.

There were a ton of sessions this year (over 12 tracks on Saturday) and a lot of really great design & front-end dev sessions I could attend. I especially enjoyed Jeremy Clarke’s session on DRY CSS and Sarah Winnem’s session on WP Template Hierarchy. There were a bunch of presentations I wanted to catch, but overlapped with other sessions I wanted to attend.

I also spoke Saturday morning about Designer-Developer Communication. You can find my slides here.

I met a lot of great people at the Speaker/Sponsor party Friday evening, and then again Saturday during the After Party. WP parties are definitely some of the best parties. I also got a chance to hand out a lot of my new business cards, which I’ll eventually be taking pictures of and posting up here.

I had hoped to spend a lot of Sunday in the hacking room, trying to get involved in core contribution, but a lot of the attending core contributors ended up speaking on Sunday, so the room was mostly Codex editing and documentation. (We still met a few great people for the short time we were in there.) We watched a few of the Core presentations and the Q+A (which was both informative and highly entertaining) before the long trip back to MA.

Overall, WCNYC was a complete blast and I’m really glad that we attended. Can’t wait for the next one!

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