Preview of 3 in-progress WordPress restaurant themes

For the past couple of months, I’ve been working on a series of restaurant style WordPress themes. I’m planning on releasing them for free in the next couple of months. Here’s a quick preview of what’s to come:

Diner Menu

Diner Menu: Shot 1 Diner Menu: Shot 3 Diner Menu: Shot 4

Diner Menu is a one-page responsive theme. It should be released within the next month.


FeedMe - Shot 1 FeedMe - Shot 3 FeedMe - Shot 4

Quaint Cafe

Quaint Cafe: Shot 1 Quaint Cafe: Shot 2 Quaint Cafe: Shot 4

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2 thoughts on “Preview of 3 in-progress WordPress restaurant themes

  1. These themes look great and I think there is definitely a need for them. Restaurant web sites can be awful and they need to move away from Flash.

    Have you considered including support for the Easy Menu Manager Plugin? I think it is essential to make it very easy to update the menu and this plugin does a nice job of meeting that goal:

    There are also a couple good reservation and online ordering plugins as well.

    Speaking of WordPress Restaurant sites, have you checked out They originally started with themes, but now do the hosting and provide a complete custom niche service.

    1. Hey, thanks for your feedback and for the links.

      Kelly actually wrote a custom menu plugin that we’re using in these themes. The whole idea actually started with the plugin, then we decided to try out making a few themes (mostly because I was looking for something to do and could only give so much UI advice for her plugin). I hadn’t thought of integrating reservation or online ordering, though — that’d be a good idea for FeedMe, which is looking to be more complex than Diner Menu or Quaint Cafe.

      I’ve seen Happy Tables before, they seem really awesome. It’s a great niche to take advantage of, and it looks like they’re doing it very well. Their UI look really slick, and it’s always great to see people building off of WordPress in really interesting ways.

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