My slides from my @bostonwp presentation tonight, Webfonts: WordPress and Beyond

Tonight, I gave a presentation on webfonts at Boston WordPress. You can check out my slides:

Additionally, I mentioned I’d post up some resources on web fonts:

Where to find web fonts:

Some Good Articles & Books

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4 thoughts on “My slides from my @bostonwp presentation tonight, Webfonts: WordPress and Beyond

  1. Hey, thank you for putting this all up. I finally got to take a look at all of it today. You have provided us with some awesome resources to work on Typography.

    I knew next to nothing about any of this before your talk. It was really educational and I got a lot out of it.

    I didn’t realize you were at Fresh Tilled Soil. Richard talks at my school sometimes and he seems like a really genuinely nice guy. The way he talks about the culture at his company makes it sound like a great place to learn and work.

    How is that going for you? Is it still going on? If not, how was it?

    1. Hey! Glad you like the resources.

      Are you doing Startup Institute? I have a friend from college in the software dev track, she’s been telling me how much she loves it. Richard is an AMAZING speaker/mentor. He’s definitely a guy you want to know. FTS is a really great firm, I’m going to be really sad to leave it when my apprenticeship ends at the end of the month. It’s definitely been one of the most rewarding and educational experiences of my life — if you’re interested in UX, you should definitely apply for the next session.

      1. Yes, I’m the associate there. It’s basically like an apprenticeship. I’m helping out and hoping to get a job there helping out.

        Richard seems like a chill dude. He IS a great speaker and has a lot of really interesting things to talk about. I really enjoy how he works biology and human behavior into a lot of his talks.

        I do enjoy learning about UX and FTS seems like an awesome place to be. We’ll see. Right now I’m focused on getting a job and I think I’m leaning more towards education right now, but I can see how in the bigger picture some more experience with UX would benefit my life.

        What is it you are planning on doing after? Do you think there is a chance you will get picked up there?

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