New developments to Ghost: Just a blogging platform

This morning, John O’Nolan relaunched the website for Ghost, a new blogging platform that blew up the internet for a couple days when it was first announced last November. From the few screenshots I’ve seen, it looks like it makes blogging easy. Like, really, really easy:

Screenshot showing ghost's markdown to preview system

We’ve seen a pretty big jump in blogging and writing platforms in the past year: just look at Medium and Editorially. I think Ghost is a little more exciting though, because it’s not a service — it’s web software. It’s an open source blogging platform that, from the sounds of it, will work like WordPress — you’ll be able to download and install it anywhere.

I’m pretty stoked about Ghost, not just for what it is, but for what it means. I love WordPress, I love that it’s evolving, and I’m excited to see where it goes in the future. But it hasn’t had a big competitor in a while, especially on the blogging front. A dose of really strong competition could push WordPress to become something greater.

Ghost is being funded via Kickstarter, and is poised to meet its goal within 24 hours. Want to help it out?

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