WordPress 3.9 “Smith” released today

WordPress 3.9 “Smith” was launched this afternoon. It’s the fifth release I’ve contributed to. The cycle focused a lot on improving the content and media editing experience within the WordPress admin, along with adding a redesigned theme browser for installing new themes, and a new way to add widgets to your site via the Customizer. (Post Status has a nice recap of the user-facing features) It was an incredibly feature-rich release that I’ve personally been looking forward to for a while.

Along with 266 other contributors this cycle, I:

  • Worked on refining the design of the playlist settings panel
  • Helped Gregory Cornelius and Andrew Ozz with the UI and UX around the various gallery and image editing improvements
  • Helped redesign a lot of the various TinyMCE modals along with Janneke Van Dorpe and Andrew Ozz
  • Along with Ben Dunkle, added a ton of new icons to Dashicons, the WordPress admin icon font, including an entire suite of of media icons to replace the old “crystal” icon set
  • Designed the 3.9 “About” page along with Kelly Dwan
  • Designed the 3.9 release post on WordPress.org

You can see all of the new icons we’ve added to Dashicons during this release, and check out the 3.9 release post here.

Thanks to all of the contributors this cycle, especially the release leads Andrew Nacin and Mike Schroder, and feature developers Andrew Ozz, Gregory Cornelius, and Scott Taylor. 3.9 was a good one. :)

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