Blurring the lines

There are many advantages to platforms, like WordPress and its ilk, that handle this kind of work for you (not the least of which is you don’t need years of experience as a web developer to prepare for it). But they also restrict your ability to change and experiment with the structure and organization of your writing. They imagine a line separates the authoring and editorial work from the design and production. I don’t much care for that line. And I don’t want anything to prevent me from crossing it.

— Mandy Brown, Index Cards

The quote jumped out at me, because in the past couple cycles, WordPress has been working to blur the line that separates “authoring and editorial” from “design and production.” We’ve been working on better integration of media, the possibility of front-end editing, and looking at new and better ways to give users control of their content. Maybe one day soon we can get rid of the line entirely. It’s something to strive for, at least.

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