Attending CSSConf

Earlier this week I attended CSSConf in Boston, the city where I conveniently happen to live. :)

This was my first CSSConf, and it had a very different vibe than the other conferences I’ve attended lately. Unlike An Event Apart, it was a smaller, intimate conference — but unlike a WordCamp, it focused with just one track both days. In general, I’m a big fan of one-track conferences. They feel more curated and eliminate the need to debate between different talks or speakers.

Throughout the conference, there was some division amongst speakers about the nature of CSS, which I feel like narrows down into “fuck the cascade” / “embrace the cascade,” with programmers on one side and front-end devs on the other. As a designer, I find myself in the embrace camp.

Some of my favorite talks of the conference were Will Boyd’s Silky Smooth Animation with CSS, Sara Soueidan’s SVG IRL (which ended up being more along the lines of “embrace hacks when you have to,” with lots of different tips and tricks from a recent project she’s been working on), Justin McDowell’s Bauhaus in the Browser (my top fave!), and Alisha Ramos’ Coding is a Privilege.

The videos are already starting to go up online:

Thanks to all the organizers and speakers for a great conference!

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