It’s taken me a while and a lot of thought, but I’m finally throwing the switch and removing comments from my blog for good.

Goodbye to Comments – Ryan Markel

My colleague Ryan Markel offers insights into why he’s removing comments from his blog. I agree with his reasoning, and to be honest, I’ve considered doing the same for my blogs — but receiving comments on my blog itself is rare enough that I’ve never bothered. If anything, most of my engagement happens through Facebook or Twitter.

Maybe I’ll also turn off comments when I eventually launch the site redesign I’ve been working on. Who knows?

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One thought on “Comments

  1. Hello Mel Choyce,

    I do not like the disable comments trend, especially on news websites/blogs, but I can understand some of the reasons why some people disable comments (I have disabled comments briefly off and on a few times over the years); but at this time I usually do not recommend it or like it when comments are disabled even if people rarely comment.

    But everyone has to make their own decisions on this, and maybe one day I will also follow this trend; but for now I am against this trend.

    Good luck with the Twenty Seventeen theme,
    -John Jr

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