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This upcoming weekend, I’m presenting at the Lesbians Who Tech Summit in San Francisco on The Untold Struggles of Open Source Design. My presentation is based on my experiences as a designer and contributor to WordPress, and goes into issues around attracting and retaining designers, process, and leadership.

As I work on my presentation, I’m realizing more and more the need to cross-pollinate with other open source communities. WordPress is an older community, but we’ve seen a lot of turnover in the past twelve years. Some of our habits are engrained based on our long history. There’s a lot we can learn, both from more well-established projects and from newer projects.

So, consider this my public commitment to learn from and share more with other open source design communities. I’ve started by asking around about what communities currently exist. I’ve received a number of replies I hope to look more into:

If you’re a design contributor to another open source project, let’s chat.

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