Chrono Cross ~ Lofi ~, a new video game remix EP released today on SoundCloud

Since the pandemic started, and I wasn’t able to take drum lessons in person, I’ve pivoted to learning music theory and composition. I’ve noodled with a bunch of songs, some of which you can hear on SoundCloud, but this past March I decided to work on my first EP: a collection of remixed, lofi Chrono Cross songs.

Chrono Cross has long been one of my favorite videogame OSTs, and it felt like an OST that would fit well into the lofi genre. I selected a few of the chiller songs from the first disc, grabbed some midis or the original audio to edit, and dropped them into Ableton Live. This was a good chance for me to practice adding effects, as well as mixing and mastering my tracks.

You can give my new EP a listen below, or directly on SoundCloud!

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