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One of the weirdest realizations I’ve had in the past year or so is that I don’t actually hate email. Maybe it’s because working at Automattic, I get very little of it. Or maybe I’ve just come to value relevant, interesting content being delivered to me every couple weeks. Who knows. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Here are some of my favorite designers to follow via email:

Verse by Nguyen Le

Nguyen’s a cool dude with a casual, relaxed style of writing I enjoy. He puts out a weekly newsletter highlighting his latest blog posts (always worth a read), along with some weekly inspiration from around the web. He always concludes with a fun fact. It’s a nice structure. I really enjoy reading his newsletter each week.

(Subscribe via the floating form in the corner of his site)

Desk of van Schneider by Tobias van Schneider

Tobias also puts out a weekly newsletter, but each week is a little different. Rather than more of a roundup like Nguyen’s, each email from Tobias is a standalone piece. Sometimes each email will revolve around a question one of his subscribers has asked him. Sometimes it’s related to what he’s been up to — like an email from a month ago about what we can learn from Pokémon Go. His emails are often chock-full of interesting links and ideas.

(Subscribe here)

What’s new in typography by Jeremiah Shoaf of Typewolf

If you’re a fan of Typewolf, you’ll love Jeremiah’s monthly newsletter. He starts out by highlighting anything new going on with Typewolf. In the next chunk of his email, he does a roundup of interesting type news or developments across the web. He tops the email off with links to any notable typeface releases from the past month. If you’re a fan of typography, you should subscribe.

(Subscribe at the bottom of Typewolf)

Are there any other designer newsletters I should subscribe to? Let me know.

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