Consistency and Perseverance

Consistency and perseverance is the difference between realising a dream and seeing it through, or it never materialising at all.

– Nguyen Le, Consistency and perseverance is so underrated

In his most recent article, Nguyen writes about the importance of consistency and perseverance, and what it means to just keep going despite failure and rejection. It’s good advice for pretty much everyone, but feels particularly important for me currently. I’ve taken on some new responsibilities this year and my fear of failure is pretty dang high. In order to make things work I need to keep showing up, keep working hard, and never stop trying. Something important to keep in mind when things get frustrating and I feel like nothing is moving forward fast enough.

PS — Nguyen runs an awesome newsletter I read each week. You can sign up at his site. Want to know who else I follow? I wrote about designer newsletters I subscribe to.

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